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StrongArm Support is now the only residential park home chassis support to be verified under the NCCís (National Caravan Council) verified components scheme !

21 November 2013




Our complete custom-fit under floor insulation service is

keeping us busy this time of year.


 Why? Because it means...


Real Comfort for you


Real Savings for you


 ... and it's Really Green for the Environment ...



" ... oh and by the way, I have had to turn my thermostat down to 17 from 20. Hey that's good and it is very cold again ..."

Mrs Purdy, Hitchin, Herts



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   Chassis Doctor Ltd is a Full Member of the 
  NCC (National Caravan Council of Great Britain.)








Welcome to the Park Home Chassis Doctor website!


We hope you enjoy browsing the pages here. Our Company is dedicated to giving you the best Service we can give below the floor of your Park Home.


Thatís right, below the floor.


We donít do anything else. We donít do roofing, we donít do walls, we donít build conservatories, porches, walkways, we wonít decorate your home or install bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or anything else Ė above the floor. We are your first call for Park Home chassis services.


We are your Underfloor specialists.


Whether you own a brand spanking new home or a well-loved veteran, we are the specialist company that will look after all aspects of your home's crucial under floor area.


From servicing, surveying and inspection of a home you are buying or selling, through to maintenance, insulation or complete refurbishment, we are the Company that will give you peace of mind and the satisfaction of a job well done, with future support only a phone call or email away.


Weíre innovative, continually searching for more efficient and effective solutions to typical Park Home problems, whether itís creaky timbers, bouncy floors or any other problems relating to the under floor area of your home.


Questions, Questions, Questions...


Where are you based?


This is one of the first questions asked by Clients when they ring up. We're based in Bedford - nicely placed for access to the M1 or A1 and deliriously happy now that the A421 has finally been finished for quick access both east and west!


So surely that's going to cost us more if we live miles away from you....?


Nope, we don't load the price if you're based hundreds of miles away. We offer a Nationwide service. All we ask is that you are flexible as to when to visit you, so that we can combine other work in your area. If you want it done NOW, then that's not a problem either, we're happy to bring your job forward as long as you understand there will be an additional charge to cover the spiralling cost of diesel.


Is your work Guaranteed?


We give a full 10 year guarantee on all our refurbishments. It's for this reason we manufacture our own Supports/Jacks rather than rely on the cheap and cheerful mass-produced supports from the Indian Sub -Continent. It's also the reason we use well-known materials with a first class reputation for reliability and quality, such as Hammerite, Ronseal and Recticel.


How long have you been established?


We're a relatively new Company, having been set up in March 2011. I was trained in Park Home Chassis refurbishment by a fellow with 20 years experience in the trade. I learned a great deal, but eventually left that Company because I wasn't happy with the poor quality equipment they use - hence the poor quality of the job done and the fact that I didn't believe that Company offered value-for-money for the prices they charge. Since leaving his Company, we've done further research into the problems faced by Park Home owners, leading to us offering the only COMPLETE under floor service for our Clients.


Why are you members of  Park Home Trade Associations?


Trust is a big factor in choosing the right company to work on your Home's foundations. Being members of the NCC and the Guild of Park Home Services gives you that trust in us.


There are many companies out there who will tell you anything to get under your Home and quote for work. Besides the non-VAT registered 'Cowboys', this unfortunately also includes some very well-known refurbishment companies that promise the earth, charge the earth, then turn up in an unmarked van with no ID and work on your Home's foundations with DIY amateur equipment and bash the job out in less than a day.


It is simply NOT POSSIBLE to do a Full Chassis Refurbishment on a Single Unit - never mind a Twin - in one day, unless of course, all you want is a cosmetic flashover of your rusty chassis...


...always remember 'CAVEAT EMPTOR' ... 'Let the Buyer beware'.



Why do you take so long to do a Chassis Refurbishment?


Because we want to do the best job we can. Unlike other Chassis Refurbishment companies, we're not in and out in under a day, we know from experience that it isn't possible to do a PROPER job in a day, especially using DIY equipment that's not man enough for the job. We book a minimum of two days for a full Single Unit Refurbishment and three days for a Twin Unit.


How much do you charge?


How long's a piece of string? Put it this way, we can tailor a price to your particular situation or problem.




We've got FREEPHONE now so what have you got to lose by giving us a ring?


Just call us for any of your Park Home Chassis Services!









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Survey/Inspection Ľ
The first step to a secure and future proofed home.


Supports Ľ
Proper foundation for both old and new Park Homes.


Bringing your Chassis back to it's former state.


Insulation Ľ
No more cold floors and a reduction in heating bills.



Get your Home back on an even keel


Wood Preservation

Keep your under floor wood fit for the future



Vital free flow of air beneath your home


Rubbish Clearance

Fire hazards & Debris removed


Insurance Proof

Photographic/Video written reports


Five Star Refurbishment!

Get it ALL done & relax!


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Client felt floor was 'unsafe' in one room


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